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Hello Dear Visitor

Welcome to my space in this vast cyberspace.

Feel free to check out some of my music, videos, poems and photos




About me

I like a lot of things. Different things of all kinds and sorts, shapes and forms.

I like doing things. Things get done, but sometimes they don’t and that leaves me undone.

I make mistakes and those mistakes shape me. It all somehow works for me because I work on me.

I try new things, and sometimes I change old things to mold them into new things.

I like the truth, even if it hurts.

I also like lessons, even when learnt the hard way, because I prefer growing through learning over ignorance and ignoring.

I am pretty ok at a lot of things, but I am far from perfect at any of them. I like imperfect things and I probably like you.

I hope you like me, as long as you know, that I am imperfect too.