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A huge thank you to all the lovely and very talented people that I’ve had the pleasure to work with




Click on the highlighted titles to hear the tunes!



Cycles (Album) – Co-producer/Composer/Drums/Various/Lyrics

Fog Digging Sessions 

The Fog Is Strong With This One (Album) – Co-producer/Engineer/Featured Artist

Post Hummus (Album) – Co-producer/Engineer/Featured Artist

Going to Come  (Album) – Co-producer/Engineer/Featured Artist

Charlotte Bridge

Steps (Album) – Producer/Bass/Additional Guitars/Synths

Charlotte Bridge (EP) – Producer/Bass/Additional Guitars/Synths

In The Atlas

To The Moon (Single) – Producer

Looking for Your Eyes (Single) – Producer

Quantum Dot

Ordinary People (Single) – Vocal Recording


Nebula Sound System (EP) – Vocal Production/Engineer

Emina Helena

DLMBTS (Single) – Producer/Arrangements/Guitars

Windwalk (Single) – Producer/Featured Artist

Lea James

Grown Up Kids (Album) – Producer/Engineer

Velvet Vertigo

 – Velvet Vertigo (EP) – Producer/Engineer/Mastering


Nothing but Love (Single) – Guitars

Antimatter People

 – No Need To Be So Small (Remix) – Mastering

Ohio Kid

Everyone was Sleeping (EP) – Producer

Ben Lowe

Shake Me (Single) – Mastering

All We’ve Got (Single) – Mastering

Boy King

Fuck L.A (Single) – Composer/Producer

Kna Kna’ (Single) – Co-composer/Producer/Featured Artist

Ain’t Nobody Like Me (Single) – Composer/Producer

Go Cray (Single) – Co-composer/Producer/Bass/Featured Artist.

Surfin San Fran (Single) – Co-composer/Producer/Featured Artist

Mohamed Soumah Jaliya Band

Saliya (single) – Producer


Neptunia (Album) – Producer/Engineer

Gentle Noise 

Yellow Seas & Blue Mountains (Album) – Producer/Featured Artist

The Northern Light

The Northern Lights (Ep) – Producer/Drums

Cut Stress 

Thats a stupid way of doing it (Single) – Producer/Engineer

Sweat (Single) – Producer/Engineer

Gil Kirchen

Here (EP) – Producer/Featured Artist

The Fitness

Born In Porn (Single) – Co-producer/Keyboards

Date Your Skate (Single) – Producer/Featured Artist

– This is Rock and Roll (Single) – Co-producer

The Fitness (Ep) – Producer

The Color Of Art 

 Dreams – Producer/Bass/Featured Artist

African Soldier – Producer/Guitars/Featured Artist

Cristobal & The Sea

– Gardens (Demo) – Producer/Drums

– Fish Eye (Demo) – Producer/Drums


We Bought The Night B*** – Featured Artist/Engineer


The Feedback (Ep) – Producer

One Bourbon One Beer

One Bourbon (Ep) – Engineer

Egil And The Elk

Cat Dust (Single) – Producer

Theft Sound

Theft Sound (Ep) – Producer


Winston (Single) – Co-producer/Engineer

– Eyes of a Clown (EP) – Co-producer/Engineer

Put Your Guns Down (Single) – Producer/Engineer

Natas Loves You

 – From Natas With Love (EP) – Guitars

Yulia Valentin 

Think Twice (Single) – Mixing Engineer/Co-Producer

Today Is A Gift (Single) – Mixing Engineer/Co-Producer

Merrin B 

Blue Bird (Album) – Producer/Featured Artist

The Apples 

Edwin is Lost in the City (Live) – Piano/Producer

Evidence of Absence 

– Minor Miracle (Single) – Producer *Tbr


– Hey Leute Spehrt Mall Eure Ohren Auf (Album) – Mastering


  – Confined Insanity (Single) – Producer

The Callbacks

– No Diamond Rings (Single) – Producer

Project Yoko

– Paradox (Single)- Producer




– (2011) Bridel Motor Cross Radio Ad – Sound Design/Producer

– (2011) Dexia Plus Internet Guide – Voice Actor

– (2012) Halifax Banking Ad – Voice Over Engineer

– (2012) Making Luxembourg – Sound Design/Engineer

– (2013) Naturfleesch Letzebuerg – Sound Design

 – (2014) Animation Voice Reel Caspar Rundegren  – Producer/Sound Design/Engineer